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Realizing the American Dream Family
Engagement Program (classes for parents) &
Teachers Involving Parents

With programs from The Parent Institute, your school/district can be on the path to increasing test scores, having higher-achieving students and boosting AYP in critical subgroups.

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Parent engagement evolves from year to year as schools change, teachers change and parents change. When it comes to parent involvement, no year is ever the same as the year before. Each year needs specific thought to determine what will work with each subgroup of parents, what message (if any) is tried-and-true for that school’s audience and what issue is a particular challenge in any given year.

Research proves that meaningful parent involvement is critical to student achievement. Therefore, schools must focus on engaging parents as much as possible. But administrators and teachers have little time to start from scratch to build a program and there hasn’t been easy-to-use, research-proven, self-administered programs until now.

These two programs from the Parent Institute have been designed for schools and districts to use with parents and teachers year after year. They will help you boost student achievement as you engage all parents, especially those in vulnerable subgroups. The programs are built upon the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Method of Parent Involvement and are drawn from the Institute’s 20+ years of extensive research and experience of what works in parent involvement. Programs of this caliber normally cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop. Now, they can be yours at a tiny fraction of that cost.

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