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Raising Responsible Children Series – 6 Booklet Set

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

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Receive electronic versions of each of the six booklets in our Raising Responsible Children series. Post them on your website to give parents the help they need to build student responsibility and achievement!

Titles include: (Sold only as a series - individual titles not available electronically.)

  • Spend Time With Children - children who feel valued and important take on more responsibility. Helps parents spend time talking, interacting, bonding, developing mutual respect and understanding—and being involved in their children's lives.
  • Provide a Structured, Stable Home Life - suggests practical ideas even busy parents can use at home to create and maintain structure and stability that will build a strong sense of responsibility in their child.
  • Teach Children Respect - a child who is respectful of others at all times is a child taking responsibility for his behavior. This booklet gives parents proven ideas they can use to help teach children respect at home, which will build responsibility and success in school and life.
  • Using Firm, Fair and Consistent Discipline - when parents use firm, fair and consistent discipline, they mean what they say, make sensible decisions, and enforce the rules every time. This booklet provides parents with practical ideas for developing and maintaining good discipline to build responsibility in children.
  • Show Children You Love Them - children who feel loved want to give 100%. That means being more responsible for home and schoolwork, belongings and activities. This booklet suggests that parents tell their children they love them often and discusses meaningful ways parents can show children they are loved.
  • Teach Children Basic Values - suggests that parents consciously decide on important values to teach children using examples of commonly-held core values such as obedience, compassion, fairness, tolerance, responsibility, gratitude, courtesy and diligence. It details effective ways to teach these values at home to raise responsible children.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building Was $188
Now $169!

Was $104
Now $93!

Small District
Up to 2,500 students
Was $303
Now $272!

Was $146
Now $131!

Medium District
up to 25,000 students
Was $461
Now $408!

Was $198
Now $178!

Large District
over 25,000 students
Was $597
Now $534!

Was $272
Now $245!

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