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About Your Child's Report Card DVD

Post on your website and email to parents for a full year!

Receive an electronic version of this DVD to post on your website to help parents learn how to use report cards to improve their child's learning, at their convenience!

Many parents do not know how to make children's report cards a positive learning opportunity. Now you can help with this QuickTips DVD. Parents will learn how to deal positively with their child's report cards—both good ones and bad ones. With this DVD, parents will learn how to use report cards to improve their child's learning and find ideas for helping children set goals for better grades. Parents will be reminded that report cards are only one measure of a child's ability. They will also learn how to help convey that fact to their children.

Click here to see the coordinating QuickTips brochure.

Includes discussion guide. Run Time: 5 minutes.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building $51


Small District
Up to 2,500 students


Medium District
up to 25,000 students


Large District
over 25,000 students


Regional Education
Service Agency/PIRC

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