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Skills for School Success Series– Super Saver 100 Set

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Receive 100 printed copies of each of the eight 16-page Skills for School Success booklets — each one is packed with proven ways parents can help build skills critical to their child's success in school! (Also available in 50 and 500 booklet sets.)

Titles include:

  • Building Homework Skills - this booklet suggests ideas to develop productive study habits at home, including when and where homework should be done, and DOs and DON'Ts parents can use in helping children with homework.
  • Problem Solving Skills - offers ideas parents can use to improve their child's problem solving capabilities. It suggests ideas for parents to help children practice practical problem solving, including how to identify problems, explore solutions, and to ask good questions.
  • Working With Others - parents can use this booklet to help build one of the most important skills for school success—working with others to get something done.
  • Using Time Wisely - help parents teach their children how to make the best use of the one thing everyone has in exactly the same amount—time. Good time management is important in nearly everything we do, and it's an important key to success in school.
  • Listening Well & Following Directions - gives parents suggestions on how to help their children develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions. It suggests activities parents can use to help children concentrate on important instructions and remember the directions they have been given
  • Expressing Ideas in Speech & Writing - suggests ideas for parents to help children express their ideas in speech and writing — vital language skills essential to success in every school subject.
  • Reading for Meaning - help parents help their children learn how to get the most out of what they read! This booklet suggests simple activities parents can use to teach children how to find the main ideas that lead to greater reading comprehension and better grades.
  • Critical Thinking - introduce parents to the six basic skills of critical thinking so they can help their children classify new information, compare it to what they already know and look at all sides of an issue.
800 booklets total.

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386A Skills for School Success Series– Super Saver 100 Set English
486A Skills for School Success Series– Super Saver 100 Set Spanish
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