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Resource Centers—

Elementary School Package with Tabletop Racks

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"When schools create resource centers devoted to parents' needs, they provide a signal that parents are welcome in the building. These centers typically are places where parents can get information on parenting and school-related issues and can gather informally. In some cases, resource centers sponsor classes or workshops for parents and provide referrals to social service and child care agencies."

Source: Johnson, V. 1993. "Parent Centers Send Clear Message: Come be a Partner in Educating Your Children." Research and Development Report, September, No. 4. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University, Center on Families, Communities, Schools and Children's Learning.

Receive 50 copies of 23 booklets and 40 QuickTips brochures, plus 14 DVDs!

The materials will fit perfectly in the two included six-tier wire tabletop racks with reversible English/Spanish signs.

Also available with wall racks and in Middle School and High School versions.

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Individual booklet titles include:

Booklets series titles include:

Individual QuickTips titles include:

QuickTips series titles include:

Individual DVD titles include:

DVD series titles include:

77 titles total.

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Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
3200 Elementary School Package with Tabletop Racks English
4200 Elementary School Package with Tabletop Racks Spanish
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