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Electronic Products—QuickTips

Substance Abuse Series – 6 QuickTips Set

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

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Receive an electronic version of each of the six QuickTips brochures in this series to give parents the basic facts necessary to help when they suspect substance abuse.

Titles include: (Sold only as a series - individual titles not available electronically.)

What Parents Should Know About...

  • The Danger Signals of Substance Abuse - a no-nonsense approach for parents listing the physical and behavioral signs of children who are using drugs, what to do it they suspect their child is using drugs and where to get help.
  • Kids and Tobacco - gives parents the information they need to talk with their child about the bad effects of smoking and gives parents insightful ways they can help their children avoid smoking.
  • Kids & Alcohol - explains the dangers of alcohol and its effects. Includes tips for parents on how to talk to children about the dangers of alcohol, supervise their child's activities and how to get help if they suspect abuse.
  • Kids & Prescription/Over-the-Counter Drugs - explains that prescription and over-the-counter drugs are as deadly as illegal drugs if abused. Tells parents what drugs children are most likely to misuse, their effects, and what parents can do to prevent abuse.
  • Kids & Inhalants - describes types of inhalants, how they are used and their effects. Describes the danger signs of inhalant abuse and provides tips for how parents can help keep their children inhalant free.
  • Kids & Marijuana - explains what marijuana is and how it is much more potent that it was even 10 years ago. It explains how marijuana is often combined with other illegal drugs, how it is used and its effects. Urges parents to send a clear "no use" message to their children.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building Was $104
Now: $93!

Was $62
Now: $56!

Small District
Up to 2,500
Was $167
Now: $150!

Was $83
Now: $75!

Medium District
up to 25,000
Was $251
Now: $226!

Was $135
Now: $121!

Large District
over 25,000
Was $325
Now: $301!

Was $156
Now: $140!

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