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Internet Safety & Responsibility for Students: A Guide for Parents

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This electronic booklet helps parents guide students to use the Internet in a safe and responsible way. Covers email, blogs, text messaging, social networking, bullying—and more.

The Internet is a powerful tool when used carefully and appropriately. This electronic booklet helps parents understand and effectively supervise their children's use of the Internet. Parents will learn the many forms of electronic communication, including email, instant messaging, web logs ("blogs"), and social-networking websites. This electronic booklet explains the risks of each and provides ready-to-use positive examples of safe and responsible behavior online. Parents will also learn about the problem of online bullying and what they (and their children) can do to control it. This information-filled booklet will help parents and students use the Internet in a safe and responsible way by teaching good choices and critical thinking.

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Large District
over 25,000 students
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