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Questions and Answers About Standardized Testing: A Guide for Parents

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NCLB requires schools to explain standardized testing to parents. This electronic booklet does that—and suggests ways to work with the school to help their child learn.

Over the past few years, standardized tests have become more important than ever. The No Child Left Behind Act specifically states that schools must provide understandable explanations to parents on standardized testing. This electronic booklet is perfect for this purpose. It will help parents learn more about standardized tests, gives them information about the kinds of tests their child may take and helps them understand more about their child's score on each test. It also suggests ways to work with the school to help their child do their best. A must for all schools wanting to help parents understand standardized tests.

Also part of the Standardized Test Success Top Priority Pack.

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Up to 2,500 students
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over 25,000 students
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