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Electronic Products—QuickTips

Facts About Exceptional Children Series– 6 QuickTips Set

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

Receive an electronic version of each of the six QuickTips brochures in this series to help parents help their children, using proven learning methods they can use at home.

Titles include: (Sold only as a series - individual titles not available electronically.)

  • Basic Facts About Learning Disabilities - explains basic facts parents need to know about common learning disabilities so they will be better able to work with schools and their children to overcome learning problems.
  • Helping Children With Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD & ADHD) - explains the facts about attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD) and gives specific suggestions to parents about how to help their ADD or ADHD child learn.
  • Understanding Dyslexia - helps parents understand the characteristics of children with dyslexia. The importance of parents and schools working together to help students is stressed. Also includes ideas for parents to use at home.
  • Basic Facts About the Gifted and Academically Talented - why their educational needs require the serious attention of parents as well as schools. Tips on ways parents can help identify and work with their gifted and talented child are included.
  • There's More Than One Way To Be Smart! - there are many components of intelligence and children develop abilities at different times. Includes ways parents can help children identify and build upon strengths to help their children reach their fullest potential.
  • Including All Students Can Help Everyone Learn - explains that the latest research and experience indicates that the best learning takes place where there is a mixture of student abilities and backgrounds. Includes ideas for parents to help their children develop respect, understanding and tolerance for others who are different from themselves.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building $104


Small District
Up to 2,500


Medium District
up to 25,000


Large District
over 25,000


Regional Education
Service Agency/PIRC

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