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Reinforcing Learning At Home Series – Super Saver 50 Set

(Display rack sold separately.)

Receive 50 printed copies each of the six QuickTips brochures in this series to make sure the learning continues when children are at home! (Also available in 100 and 500 brochure sets.)

Titles include:

  • You CAN Control the TV Set! - explains to parents how uncontrolled TV viewing robs students of valuable time at home that they could spend more productively and provides proven, positive ways parents can regain control of the TV set.
  • Homework Time Made Easier...And More Effective - offers simple, specific and time-tested ideas parents need to help them get meaningfully involved in helping children of any age make better use of homework time.
  • Help Your Child Do Better on Tests - explains how parents can help students prepare for tests, from having children teach their parents the material, to developing practice tests, re-enacting TV game shows, solving puzzles based on study facts and more.
  • Secrets for Making Children Want To Read - suggests ideas parents can use to reinforce the reading habit—from secrets for finding materials children want to read, to setting a good example by being good reading role models themselves.
  • Is Your Home a Learning Place? A Quiz for Parents - presents a non-threatening, self-scoring "home learning environment" quiz for parents and also lists easy-to-implement ways to surround children with learning new and interesting things at home.
  • Learning Activities for Rainy Days & School Vacations - includes stimulating ideas for children of all ages to do alone, with parents, and other children to help make sure children are mentally sharp and ready to learn when they return to school.
300 brochures total.

Now $120!



Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
3109 Reinforcing Learning At Home Series – Super Saver 50 Set English
4109 Reinforcing Learning At Home Series – Super Saver 50 Set Spanish
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