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Electronic Parent Guides—School Success Set #2

How to Help Children Do Their Best on Tests

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The specific test-taking skills detailed in this electronic Parent Guide will help parents make sure the test actually measures what their children know and have learned to do.

Students are being tested more today than ever before. And the stakes have never been higher. Test scores may determine a child's placement in school or whether he will be promoted to the next grade, graduate from high school, be admitted to college or trade school, or receive scholarship assistance.

This Parent Guide details many of the things parents can do to help children do their best on tests—from ways to deal with pretest stress, to study techniques, to test-taking strategies, to preparation approaches depending on the type of test (teacher-created or standardized), to helpful hints on answering different types of questions (true/false, multiple choice or essay) and the importance of reviewing, and learning from, the results.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building Was $59
Now: $53!

Was $39
Now: $35!

Small District
Up to 2,500
Was $99
Now: $89!

Was $59
Now: $53!
Medium District
up to 25,000
Was $149
Now: $134!

Was $79
Now: $71!

Large District
over 25,000
Was $199
Now: $179!

Was $109
Now: $98!

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