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Electronic Parent Guides —School Success Set #1

31 Alternatives to TV and Video Games for Your Elementary School Child

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Now you can help parents tame the TV monster in their homes! This electronic Parent Guide offers sound, research-based facts about how screen media affects children and what parents can do about it.

Research says that it's important to limit the amount of time children spend in front of the TV set or the computer screen. Everything from their reading ability to their physical health is affected. Children who watch TV the least do the best in school. Watching TV may limit a child's attention span, lead to obesity and aggressiveness and may possibly contribute to the development of attention deficit disorders. Plus, all the time spent watching TV is time that can be spent learning and doing other things.

The transition to less screen time may be difficult for some children so this guide prepares parents for that, too. They'll get a list of ideas on how to make the switch from no rules to limits on TV, video games and computer time painless. It provides parents with useful ideas on how to curb their child's TV watching to fit in with the new rules and will supply them with alternatives to TV watching that children will like so much they won't even miss the TV. This Parent Guide is sure to build student achievement at your school.

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