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Top Priority Packs—

The Resilience/Persistence Pack – 50

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An inexpensive combination of four carefully selected best-selling publications, including easy-to-read booklets and brochures, to help build students' "grit." Give this Top Priority Pack to both parents and students to foster a "can do spirit" of determination, persistence and resilience! (Also available in 100 and 500 copy sets.)

You'll receive the following titles:

For Parents—

  • Teaching Children Responsibility for their Learning & Behavior (16-page booklet) - good students are self-motivated, self- directed, persistent, conscientious and resourceful. This booklet is full of ideas to help parents nurture their child's desire and ability to take responsibility for being a good student.
  • Conquering Homework Challenges (16-page booklet) - getting over common homework challenges—frustration, forgetfulness, procrastination, time management and learning styles— can make a huge difference for students and teaching them how to address challenges as they arise will lead to greater success and accomplishments.
  • Teach Your Child the 'Success Secret' of Hard Work (3-panel QuickTips brochure) - This QuickTips brochure helps parents realize why hard work is so important and helps them motivate their children with this "success secret."
For Students—

  • Success Takes More Than Just Being Smart (3-panel Student Tips brochure) - reviews the qualities needed for success — like hard work, persistence and the ability to work well with others and provides useful, specific ideas for students to increase their success, both in school and out.

200 publications total.

Price: Was $149Now $134!



Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
135GP The Resilience/Persistence Pack – 50 English
235GP The Resilience/Persistence Pack – 50 Spanish
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