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Electronic Products—Stuffer Cards

Stuffer Cards – Complete Set

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

Receive an electronic version of each of the 12 stuffer card titles in the "Keys to Student Success" series.

Titles include: (Sold only as a set - individual titles not available electronically.)

  • Attendance - reinforces how important attendance is to a child's success in school — learning builds day by day, and a child who misses a day of school, misses a day of learning!
  • Communicating Expectations - suggests ways parents can set and, most importantly, communicate high expectations of children to build student achievement.
  • Self-Discipline - self-discipline can be learned and parents are in the best role to teach it. This card tells how.
  • Family Time - full of practical, effective ideas to help parents use family time to let students know they are important.
  • Reading - shares with parents that a student who excels at reading will also do better in every other subject and gives them specific ideas they can use to help build reading skills.
  • Setting Goals - outlines ways parents can help their students learn how to set and achieve goals, and build upon each success.
  • Routines - parents will learn ways to help students create routines to stay organized, establish good study habits and boost student achievement.
  • Getting Along With Others - provides ideas parents can use to build the skills their children need to get along with others.
  • Responsibility - responsible students take charge of their own learning and behavior. Full of ideas to help parents teach students responsibility.
  • Good Study Habits - help parents lay the important foundation needed to build successful student habits in students.
  • Staying Safe - staying safe requires thinking ahead. This stuffer includes ideas parents can use to help students learn several essential rules that will keep them safe.
  • The School-Parent Team - reminds parents of their vital role in their student's education and encourages the best school and student support possible.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building $156


Small District
Up to 2,500 students


Medium District
up to 25,000 students


Large District
over 25,000 students


Regional Education
Service Agency/PIRC

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