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The Self-Discipline Pack – Set of Four Titles

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Receive electronic versions of four carefully selected best-selling publications, including easy-to-read booklets and brochures to give to both parents and students to help children develop self-discipline!

For product descriptions of the four publications in The Self-Discipline Pack click "read more" below.

Top Priority Packs focused on Standardized Tests, Responsibility, Resilience/Persistence and Motivation are also available.

The Self-Discipine Pack

Titles for parents include:

  • Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline (booklet) - helps parents teach children self-discipline by detailing effective ways to reinforce good behavior, use the power of expectations, develop good habits, use incentives and rewards, build persistence, goal setting, personal organization skills, and more!
  • Getting Organized for Schoolwork & Homework (booklet) - organization doesn't come naturally to everyone. This booklet is full of practical, proven ideas parents can use to help children organize everything from time and writing, to large assignments and notebooks.
  • Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students (QuickTips brochure) - identifies seven habits common to responsible and successful students and suggests proven, practical ideas parents can use to help children develop them.
Titles for students include:

  • How to Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork (Student Tips brochure) - being unorganized has an obvious negative effect on students' grades. This Student Tip details practical ideas students can use to get themselves organized for schoolwork and homework.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building Was $104
Now: $93!

Was $62
Now: $56!

Small District
Up to 2,500
Was $167
Now: $150!

Was $83
Now: $75!

Medium District
up to 25,000
Was $251
Now: $226!

Was $135
Now: $121!

Large District
over 25,000
Was $335
Now: $301!

Was $156
Now: $140!

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