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The "Must-Have" Pack II – 12 Title Set

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Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

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Be prepared with this cost-saving pack, featuring electronic versions of 12 "Must-Have" titles—six 16-page booklets and 6 QuickTips brochures—at an unbeatable price! Post them on your website, email them to parents, or make as many copies as you need to distribute to parents, to give them access to helpful information 24/7!

Booklet titles include:

  • Questions Parents Ask About Attendance - addresses questions parents ask about attendance, including refusal, illness, family vacations, unfinished homework and fear of bullies.
  • Critical Thinking - includes the six basic skills of critical thinking for parents to help their children classify new information, compare it to what they already know and look at all sides of an issue.
  • Reading for Meaning - suggests simple activities parents can use to teach children how to find the main ideas that lead to greater reading comprehension and better grades.
  • Conquering Homework Challenges - covers common homework challenges—frustration, forgetfulness, procrastination, time management and learning styles—and addresses them with proven solutions parents can use to help their child be successful.
  • Using the Internet as a Study Tool - helps parents help their children use the Internet as a study tool by providing tips to: uncover accurate (and avoid bogus) information and find a computer to use if the family doesn't own one
  • 25 Ways Parents Can Motivate Children - provides ideas for parents to motivate their children, including emphasizing success vs. failure, breaking down assignments into smaller manageable parts, and verbal and non-verbal messages.

QuickTips titles include:

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building Was $209
Now: $188!

Was $114
Now: $102!

Small District
Up to 2,500
Was $335
Now: $301!

Was $156
Now: $140!

Medium District
up to 25,000
Was $613
Now: $552!

Was $219
Now: $197!

Large District
over 25,000
Was $681
Now: $613!

Was $366
Now: $329!

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