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Ways Parents Can Manage Teens' Technology Use – Secondary School Version

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

Help parents learn to limit the disruptions and health concerns caused by overuse of devices, while also embracing the positive elements of technology.

The brand new Ways Parents Can Manage Teens' Technology Use QuickTips electronic brochure will help parents manage their students' screen time, from video games to texting to social media.

Share this electronic brochure at back-to-school nights, counselor meetings, parent-teacher conferences and more.

Topics covered inside Ways Parents Can Manage Teens' Technology Use include:

  • The impact on health
  • Working with your teen to develop a media plan
  • Designating device-free times and traditions
  • Giving your teen the tools to make good choices
  • Embracing the positives of technology
  • Creating a positive online presence
  • Being a good role model
  • Guidelines for managing screen time

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building $51


Small District
Up to 2,500 students


Medium District
up to 25,000 students


Large District
over 25,000 students


Regional Education
Service Agency/PIRC

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