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QuickTips—Reinforcing Learning At Home Series

Help Your Child Do Better on Tests

This QuickTips brochure explains how parents can help students prepare for tests, from having children teach their parents the material, to developing practice tests, re-enacting TV game shows, solving puzzles based on study facts and more.

Preparing for tests is one of the best ways for students to learn. The process of reading and reviewing the material, considering possible test questions and the helpful pressure of a deadline all help focus the student's mind.

Quantity Discounts
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51¢ ea.

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44¢ ea.

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41¢ ea.

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40¢ ea.

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37¢ ea.

2525—5000 …… 
33¢ ea.

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30¢ ea.

10025—15000 …… 
27¢ ea.

15025— …… 
25¢ ea.

You can mix and match any QuickTips and/or Student Tips to achieve quantity discounts.


Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
1120 Help Your Child Do Better on Tests English
2120 Help Your Child Do Better on Tests Spanish
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