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School Success Web Content Service - Enhanced Tier

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Parent Guides are electronic publications designed to give you the flexibility you need to get critical parent involvement information to parents when and where they need it.

And these seven elementary and/or secondary Parent Guides are included with your Enhanced Web Content Service!*

Give Your Child the Edge: Teachers’ Top 10 Learning Secrets Parents Can Use (Elementary & Secondary*) - Now you can help parents help their children excel by providing parents with tried and true learning ideas from education experts to give children the learning edge. It offers learning strategies used by outstanding teachers, supported by research, or recommended by respected authorities in education. Parents will get the valuable “learning secrets” of insiders on how to help their child: memorize important facts; build reading comprehension; get organized and build homework skills; use his/her best learning style for greater achievement; develop good listening and note-taking skills; and much more!

How to Help Children Do Their Best on Tests (Elementary & Secondary*) - Students are being tested more today than ever before. And the stakes have never been higher. This Parent Guide details many of the things parents can do to help children do their best on tests—from ways to deal with pretest stress, to study techniques, to test-taking strategies, to preparation approaches depending on the type of test (teacher-created or standardized), to helpful hints on answering different types of questions (true/false, multiple choice or essay) and the importance of reviewing, and learning from, the results.

Helping Children Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork (Elementary & Secondary*) - Organization is a skill that parents can and should teach their children. This Parent Guide provides parents with practical, proven ideas for creating a well-organized student who gets his homework in on time (and according to the teacher’s instructions), keeps track of long-range projects, gets more out of daily study time and is not wasting time searching for lost items. Parents will get ideas on organizing school materials at home, how-to’s for creating work areas that motivate kids to study, the importance of homework routines and how to establish them, and much more!

Seven Proven Ways to Motivate Children to Do Better in School (Elementary & Secondary*) - Parents have a large role to play in whether or not their child will be motivated to do his best in school. In the end, it's up to the child—but parents can create an encouraging environment. This Parent Guide presents a wide variety of educator-proven motivational ideas and techniques which parents can use and adapt to motivate their children to do their best in school—explained in an easy-to-follow how-to format.

Help Your Child Deal With Bullies and Bullying (Elementary & Secondary*) - While there are no simple, instant or one-size-fits-all solutions, bullying can be stopped. It is serious and requires a thoughtful, energetic and cooperative response from parents, school and community leaders, as well as law enforcement agencies. This Parent Guide reviews the facts about bullying—different types, descriptions of the typical bully, the bullying differences between boys and girls, the child more likely to become a bully or be the bullied, how to recognize the signs of both, how to get children to talk about bullying and specific action steps to help stop bullying.

The Road to Reading Success—Elementary School Years (Elementary Only) - Good readers aren’t born, they’re made. Some children learn to read quickly and easily, while others take more time and reading is a challenge. This Parent Guide will give parents help in sorting through the educational jargon connected with reading: age-equivalent scores, phonics, whole language, blending and more. In addition, the guide breaks down the reading process into specific, observable skills that are easily understood, such as word decoding, using context clues, comprehension, and fluency.

31 Alternatives to TV and Video Games for Your Elementary School Child (Elementary Only) - Research says everything from a child's reading ability to their physical health is affected by the amount of time they watch TV. Now you can help parents tame the TV monster in their homes! This Parent Guide offers sound, research-based facts about how screen media affects children and what parents can do about it. It provides useful ideas on how to curb their child’s TV watching and supplies them with alternatives to TV watching that children will like so much they won’t even miss the TV.

Help Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure (Secondary Only*) - Peer pressure has a powerful influence on children. Using lots of real life examples and situations children are likely to face, this Parent Guide is full of specific ideas to help children think for themselves, reflect upon and use their family’s values in making decisions, use effective techniques to resist the power of the crowd, implement secret agreed-upon-in-advance signals when they need help or support coping with peer pressure, and other proven successful resistance techniques.

How to Help Your Struggling Student (Secondary Only*) - When a student is struggling in school, the parents and the child are often frustrated. They don't know what to do first. They look to the school for help and now you have just the publication to give to parents and put on your website. This Parent Guide can help by giving parents things they can do to make a real difference to get their child back on the right track plus solid ways to help or find answers if their child has a more serious problem or learning disability.

*Secondary versions of Parent Guides are only available with Enhanced Web Content Service. They are not available for individual sale.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W92611