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Building Readers



Now there's an easy way to enhance your reading program AND get even the busiest parents to read with their children!



Getting parents to read to and with their children measurably increases student achievement. In fact, study after study demonstrates:

Parental involvement in children's reading at home actually increases grades and student success rates even more than working with highly qualified specialists in small classes.

Now, this does not in any way dispute the value of great teachers and small class sizes. They are after all the cornerstone of an effective education. But if you can get parents to help improve student achievement by understanding that reading is important and giving them the tips to feel confident in reading with children, you can make a measurable difference in their child’s life, and collectively in your school’s achievement.

At a cost of just pennies per student, Building Readers gives families home reading and learning activities …resources …and tactics, all proven to encourage reading and student success. Thousands of schools are using it and reaping the rewards.

Building Readers will provide the guidance, steps to take, specific direction and concrete recommendations that parents need to help their kids learn to read, and to read more proficiently. It is available in two versions, Reading Readiness and Elementary, in English and in Spanish, so parents get information that is appropriate to their children’s age and reading level.

Parents today are busy, so Building Readers is short, to the point, quick reading. Each issue is a two-page, single sheet. Articles are bite-sized—as short as 35 words and never longer than 150. The content is always easy to read and understand, regardless of the parent's own education level. It will educate parents on the importance of reading at home and inspire them with new motivational ideas to keep reading activities with their children fresh and fun.

Every idea found in Building Readers is research-based.

It would take hours of valuable time for you and your staff to search for ideas representing a cross-section of critical reading topics and compile a high value newsletter for parents of this superior quality. You could sift through magazine articles and endless websites offering reading suggestions, gimmicks and quick fixes—but there’s no way to tell if they’re citing proven ideas and research. Let articles in Building Readers are published with sources, so you can be sure that the great ideas and tips are reliable.

The Elementary (K-6) version is filled with ideas parents can use to build vocabulary … improve fluency … motivate reluctant readers … encourage writing … and more! Upcoming articles will help parents understand how to:

  • Add reading to their child’s routine
  • Use hidden clues as creative encouragement to read
  • Correct their children’s reading errors with constructive suggestions
  • Find books that appeal to every child
  • Build vocabulary with many proven ideas like word walls and dictionary games
  • Develop a love of poetry … with an appreciation of rhythm, rhyme, and the emotional power behind each phrase
  • Build a story that develops characters … setting …problem … and resolution
  • … much more, too!

The Reading Readiness version is full of ideas parents use to build cognitive skills and vocabulary … begin writing … increase phonics awareness … develop a love of reading … and more! Upcoming articles will help parents understand how to:

  • Build listening and speaking skills to boost reading
  • Teach children letter-sound games that make reading fun
  • Discover irresistible “tunes that teach” vocabulary, context, and more
  • Use routines to teach story structure … and keep students focused
  • Find letter games, word searches, and other learning-rich activities online
  • Use “paired reading” to develop confidence in new readers
  • Invent reading routines that increase proficiency
  • Choose books that represent a “balanced diet” of diverse genres, styles, and topics … plus, how to find works that feature rare, unforgettable characters.
  • … much more, too!

You'll get both a full-color website version and a black and white copier-ready version for one low price!

With your subscription to Building Readers (Reading Readiness Edition or Elementary School Edition), you can make an unlimited number of copies of the newsletter(s) at your school building or district. And post a FULL-COLOR version on your website! Building Readers is published monthly nine times a year (September-May) in both English and Spanish. Start your subscription in any month and receive a full nine issues beginning with that month.

Click on the images below to see samples!

Reading Readiness Elementary School Reading Readiness Elementary School
Full-color samples of the newsletters that you can post on your website for parents or we will post for you with our free auto-download feature! Black and white reproducible master that you can copy and send home to parents!



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Electronic Newsletter Delivery...makes it fast, easy, and
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  • Provide your email address and we will email your personalized Building Readers newsletter(s) to you automatically each month! You can email the newsletter to parents, and/or post it on your school's website. By eliminating all the costs of print reproduction—paper, toner, printing, postage—your school saves a bundle.
  • You can also choose to download your personalized newsletter(s) yourself from our website instantly upon publication—in full color!
  • Or, even better, have your newsletter automatically posted on your website each month (after a one-time, free, set up by you or your webmaster) by taking advantage of our Automatic Download option!

If you choose to also give parents their own printed copy of the newsletter, schools find that the black & white option works best to save money. We will mail you black & white masters each month, or you can also download them from our website.

You'll get all of these delivery methods FREE with your subscription! Even if you're not yet ready to take advantage of all of these options, you always have the right to do so whenever you wish.


And that's not all...

When you subscribe to Building Readers, you'll also receive three free bonuses that will help families understand how important reading is to their children’s future. You’ll be setting the expectations high for their participation and giving them proven, on-going ides they can use.

PLUS—you can't lose! With our guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with Building Readers, you'll get all of your money back.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W05135