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Attendance! Engaging Parents, Students and Staff in Your Attendance Campaign

Educators know the value of attendance but far too many parents and students do not. This kit will help you engage parents and students to improve attendance.

Research shows that there is a statistically significant correlation between
poor attendance and low grades.

The idea that attendance is important seems so easy but it is lost on so many—you must show up to learn! It is as plain and simple as that. Students who miss days or portions of class due to tardiness can miss up to a year of school by the time they reach 12th grade. It’s no wonder that the students who frequently miss school due to doctor/dentist appointments, family vacations or just to have a rest day end up being the same students that need more discipline, remediation and are at the greatest risk of dropping out.

Take a giant leap toward improving student achievement in your school with over 250 pages of resources (in English and Spanish) that provide you with attendance strategies and campaigns with varying themes that you can use year after year. There is nothing more important to student success than having parents involved in making sure students are in class, on time and ready to learn every day!




Appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary levels,
this kit contains all of these helpful components:

with three 10-minute, enhanced PowerPoint® presentations on why attendance matters, professionally narrated for elementary and secondary parents and staff. Each comes with a leader's guide, script and handouts. Just pop it in a DVD player or use the separate PowerPoint® presentation and script to give the presentation yourself!


containing ALL the kit's printed materials including planning tools and handouts.

Program profiles of successful attendance plans on topics such as:

  • Make dropout prevention a community priority;
  • Use home visits to keep students on track and in school;
  • Use student involvement and an incentive program to boost attendance;
  • A community attendance campaign;
  • A media campaign to reduce truancy.

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You'll also receive:
  • A checklist of "best practices";
  • Sample media releases;
  • A campaign calendar;
  • Newsletter articles;
  • Parent handouts;
  • Surveys;
  • Posters and more!

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And to remind parents of the importance of attendance throughout the year, you'll receive 50 copies each of these two best-selling publications and 100 copies of our Parent Stuffer Card:

Questions Parents Ask About...Attendance parent booklet

Written in a friendly Q & A format, this booklet addresses many questions parents ask about attendance issues, including how to handle school refusal, illness, family vacations, unfinished homework and fear of bullies.


Why Your Attendance Matters Student Tip

Written for students of all ages, this Student Tip outlines the common reasons students are tempted to skip school and explains why they are poor excuses. It discusses why attendance is so important and points out that small improvements in attendance can result in big test-score gains.

Attendance: A Key to Your Student's Success parent Stuffer Card

When you only have a few seconds of parents' attention, this card will encourage them to be sure their children get to school every day.


All of the Attendance! components are provided in an attractive binder. Use the helpful materials year after year to evaluate and improve your program!  





Order the English kit for the low introductory price of only $349! Add the Spanish Supplement and pay only $419 for both versions!

—You'll receive the entire English kit, PLUS Spanish versions of the DVD, CD-ROM, the booklet, Student Tip, and Stuffer, handout masters, reproducible workshop materials and appropriate leader's materials.


For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W99446