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What’s Missing From YOUR School Website? 18 Features School Websites Must Have, Plus 5 Mistakes to Avoid! (6-page report)

Not all school websites are equal! After viewing thousands of school websites from around the nation, The Parent Institute has compiled this special FREE report that provides an itemized checklist to help you identify the aspects of your website that are working well and develop a wish list of features you want to implement.

Parent Involvement: Nine Truths You Must Know Now! (20-page report)

Parent involvement is critically important in the education of children of all ages, from newborns through high school age and beyond. This report contains a mixture of both practical and profound truths gleaned from The Parent Institute’s more than 23 years of business that will help you and your staff build parent involvement at your school or district.

Forty-Four Proven Ideas School Administrators Can Give to Parents To Boost Student Achievement (4-page report)

Research proves that even the busiest and most uninformed parents can and will help build student success if they have the tools. This report will help you provide parents with the information they need to begin making a difference with their children today and encourage learning habits that will last throughout their school years!

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