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While you are waiting for your User ID and password, here's some information about our complementary program for teachers:

Teachers Involving Parents: A Professional Development Program to Enhance Parental Involvement for Student Success

"Teachers Involving Parents" is a
research-proven professional development program
on parent involvement designed specifically for teachers!

The link between parent involvement and student achievement is documented by decades of research. Yet teachers rarely get the training they need to effectively involve parents.

Built on the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Research Model* on parent involvement, administrators, new and veteran teachers and selected staff members will all benefit from this valuable professional development program.

The critical link between parent involvement and student achievement is clearly documented by decades of research. In fact, NCLB, Race to the Top and other educational reform programs include parent involvement in their goals, using student achievement as the measure of success. Therefore, it is essential to engage parents in doing their part to boost student achievement. Yet educators donít always get the training they need to effectively involve parents. Now there is a research-proven program to help!

The Teachers Involving Parents (TIP) Program was created on the premise that parents are an untapped resource for improving student achievement. TIP is the only in-service program of its kind for teachers, designed to improve student achievement by:

  1. engaging parents to improve student achievement;
  2. developing specific tools and strategies to support parent involvement; and
  3. building confidence in their ability to work effectively with parents.

The TIP Program facilitates and strengthens connections among teachers as colleagues to produce measurable, positive change in school-home partnerships. It consists of six 90-minute sessions. Each is grounded in research and consists of individual and group activities, contributions from participants, and the sharing of ideas and strategies:

  • Session 1: What is parent involvement and why is it important?
  • Session 2: Overcoming obstacles and barriers to parent involvement
  • Session 3: What do we know about parents?
  • Session 4: Letís talk: family-school communication
  • Session 5: Whatís working in parent involvement? (And whatís not working?)
  • Session 6: Working together for improved parental involvement practices.




TIP is a team-building, enthusiastic, adaptable, research-documented program that provides all of these components to ensure your success:

The Program Coordinator's Binder: Making TIP Work for You includes a program overview, background and objectives, pre- and post-surveys to evaluate your results, license and copyright information, experience-based suggestions for a successful program, information to help with facilitator selection and more! Program Coordinators also have access to a dedicated website where they can print all reproducible materials, download slides, access related research and more.  
The Facilitator’s Binder (over 200 pages and a DVD) includes for each session: a video presentation by Dr. Joan Walker, one of the researchers who developed the program, on the research foundation for each session, preparation instructions, warm-up activities, lessons, individual activities and group activities, PowerPoint slides, an implementation plan for participants to put into practice what they’ve learned, copies of all materials contained in the participant’s workbook, a list of references and useful resources, links to program profiles of successful involvement programs being implemented in other schools/districts, a reproducible certificate of completion and more! Facilitators also have access to a dedicated website where they can print all reproducible materials, download slides, access related research and more. (See samples.)
The Workbook Binder includes for each session: the research foundation for the session topic, individual and group activity worksheets, a plan for implementing ideas developed, a teacher report of idea implementation, references and useful resources, logs for teacher interaction with parents and active involvement of parents, a class evaluation form and more. (See samples.)

With the TIP Program, research, experience and
service combine for unparalleled results!

Participation in the TIP program has led to:

  • increases in participants' sense of teaching efficacy or their beliefs in their professional competence;
  • increases in teachers' belief about parents' ability and commitment to helping their children learn and
  • increases in teachers' reports of personal practices for engaging families.  

In short, the TIP in-service program is an effective means for increasing teacher beliefs critical to the development of more effective teacher practices for parental involvement. These results stem from the fact that TIP gives participants dedicated time to identify problems and work as productive, collaborative, problem-solving groups, capable of creating more effective invitations to parental involvement in the service of children's schooling. To read more about the research behind the TIP program, go to

And, we are with you every step of the way including free email support and telephone consultation. License this research-proven professional development program to use year after year to upgrade teacherís skills and strengths for working with parents as problems change, solutions change, teachers change and parents change.

Optional services:

  1. Get a Scientific Research Report based on your pre- and post- survey data, bulk copies of participant materials, expert facilitator training and even a fully-facilitated turnkey program. Call 1-800-756-5525 for information and a quote.
  2. TIP is the perfect companion program to the Realizing the American Dream Family Engagement Program (RAD) also based on the Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Model on Parent Involvement. Purchase either program and get the other program for 1/2 price.
  3. *For more information about Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Model on Parent Involvement, or to read their research papers, go to



For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W10018