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44 Proven Ideas School Administrators Can Give to Parents To Boost Student Achievement (4-page report)

Research proves that even the busiest and most uninformed parents can and will help build student success if they have the tools. This report will help you provide parents with the information they need to begin making a difference with their children today and encourage learning habits that will last throughout their school years!

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The Complete Toolkit on Parent Involvement. Everything you need to help you evaluate your current program and provide solutions so you can create a new cohesive and effective program or enhance the one you have now.

Two NEW research-validated programs

Two exciting research-validated programs engage parents to improve student achievement! While the programs can be used for all parents, they work especially well with Latinos and first generation immigrants.

Realizing the American Dream Family Engagement Program (RAD). Research-proven program of 10 weekly classes to help parents gain the tools and confidence to join forces with schools and communities to make sure their children have successful academic careers and graduate from high school qualified to enter a college, university or other higher education. Can be offered at your school by you or conducted as a fully-facilitated program.
Teachers Involving Parents (TIP). This comprehensive, self-administered program helps teachers develop specific tools and strategies for engaging parents. It also builds teachers' confidence in their ability to work effectively with parents and to support parental involvement in improving student achievement. 

Monthly newsletters to give to parents  

Monthly newsletters on general parent involvement topics as well as on reading and on discipline provide extra engagement to boost achievement and build support for your school's programs at the same time.Giving parents targeted information to help with reading measurably improves comprehension. Also, helping parents with information to foster good behavior and habits leads to well-disciplined students and learning-filled classrooms.

Web Content Service

Our School Success Web Content Service provides daily content for your website that focuses on what parents can do everyday to be more involved in their child’s education. Search for ‘Web Content’ on the website.

Resource Kits

All-inclusive Resource Kits on specific topics:

Booklets and Brochures

QuickTips brochures for parents, Student Tips brochures for students, and Booklets (all available electronically and in print) provide more in-depth information to reinforce learning at home -- focusing on critical topics like motivation, responsibility, bullies, student stress and more.

Stuffer Cards

Stuffer Cards, (electronically and in print) carrying short messages that are keys to student success, can be sent home in backpacks or included with report cards.
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