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Firm, Fair & Consistent: Guiding Students for School Success

Firm, Fair & Consistent: Guiding Students for School Success is a research-based, personalized, discipline newsletter schools can give to parents to help them develop respectful, responsible, well-mannered and focused children. It’s written in a non-threatening, helpful manner so parents will not feel intimidated or get the wrong impression that "the school is telling me how to discipline my child."



The Discipline Series

Eight booklets for parents packed with sensible, effective ideas parents can put into action now! Available Electronically or in print, in English and Spanish, each 16-page, two-color booklet helps parents encourage their children to take responsibility not only for their learning, chores and activities, but for their behavior as well.

Parents will find the booklets insightful and inspiring. Purchase the entire set for all your parents! The parents will appreciate your help. Your teachers can focus more on student learning, and the children will benefit for life.

Titles include:

  • Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning & Behavior - full of ideas to help parents nurture their child’s desire and ability to take responsibility for being a good student. Works even for children with a history of poor study habits and discipline.
  • Helping Children Learn To Resolve Conflicts - helps parents encourage the skills and attitudes children need to resolve conflicts. Ways to avoid conflicts and ways to handle them once they arise are covered, as well as active listening, tolerance, prejudice, discrimination and accepting criticism.
  • Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline - helps parents teach children self-discipline by detailing effective ways to reinforce good behavior, use the power of expectations, develop good habits, use incentives and rewards, build persistence, goal setting, personal organization skills, and more!
  • The ABCs of Discipline at Home - ideas include how to be firm, fair and consistent, establish rules and expectations, use natural and logical consequences, establish routines, control anger, be a good example, praise, show love and respect and how to support school discipline at home.
  • Building Respect for Rules, Authority and Other People - packed with practical tips, ideas and simple activities that parents can use every day to teach children of all ages about respect.
  • Helping Your Child Develop Good Character Traits - this booklet asks parents to consciously think about the good character traits they want to instill in their child. Then provides specific, practical ideas for parents to help their child develop those traits.
  • Instilling the Desire for Success in Your Child - filled with specific examples, activities and step-by-step plans to help parents instill the desire for success in their child.
  • Remember... You Are the Adult and You are in Charge! - helps parents understand why children must have limits and why parents must set them. Includes useful ideas for busy parents on how to establish and maintain parental authority yet still be caring and supportive.



The Discipline Series DVDs

The Discipline Series DVDs give school leaders a unique edge. Now you can show parents how to use sound discipline techniques with their own children. The DVDs allow parents to see how proven discipline techniques can work in real families. And you'll soon see improved discipline at school. The ideal of having well-disciplined students who come to school ready to learn, who develop important skills that can last a lifetime,can be closer to reality than you ever thought possible . . . and you can make it happen! (Includes discussion guides. Run Time: 8 minutes each.)

Titles include:

Buy a combined set of booklets and DVDs for maximum effect!


Electronic Parent Guides:

Parent Guides are electronic publications designed to give you the flexibility you need to get critical parent involvement information to parents when and where they need it.

All of our Parent Guides are written with today's parent in mind. They are 8 to 16 pages each—brief enough for busy parents to read, thorough enough to provide substantive, research-based help, and prepared by the editors at The Parent Institute so you have confidence in what parents are being told.

Post them on your school/district website—or use them in conjunction with the School Success Web Content Service from The Parent Institute. They'll be accessible to parents anytime they need them—at home, at work or wherever they have Internet access.



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