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Resource Kits—
Reading for Success: Engaging Parents in Your Literacy Program

Research proves that parents working with their children on reading greatly improves reading skills and comprehension!


Designed to complement any existing reading program, this kit doesn't try to teach reading. Rather, it reminds parents that reading to and with their children at home has a powerful positive effect on student success now and into the future. With this kit, schools can motivate parents to stay involved in reading throughout the year by hosting Literacy Nights and Back-to-School Events, Parent-Teacher Meetings, and more with a strong parent engagement reading component!




Available in English and Spanish,
the kit is appropriate for all Elementary grades,
and contains all of these helpful components:

Two ways to present! Conduct your own parent reading workshops, or show the videos at conferences, in the school office, before school events, on the website, as part of other reading/parent meetings, etc. Parents will learn ways to stimulate their child’s interest in reading at home and ideas for giving their children the vital reading foundation needed for success!

Just pop in this 10-minute DVD for a professionally narrated video presentation depicting parents in an enriched home learning environment reading to and with their children.

Or use the 10-minute enhanced PowerPoint® presentation and script to conduct a workshop at your own pace, focusing on what all parents need to know about reading and be reminded of frequently.


Over 25 parent handouts! You can use these handouts all year long to keep parents engaged in the reading education of their children. The handouts provide specific ideas to parents of beginning readers and intermediate readers to help with common reading topics and concerns such as:

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  • Choosing Books
  • Reading Aloud
  • The Struggling Reader
  • Vocabulary
  • Library Visits and more!
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Over 25 helpful pages to help you organize and host a successful event including:

  • An event checklist to help you organize
  • Community engagement ideas (even for the hard-to-reach!)
  • Sample press releases
  • Invitations
  • Event surveys
  • Posters and more!


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Eight Program Profiles of clever and successful literacy events from across the nation are included. You can conduct one or all—or mix the ideas together with your own for a unique event at your school or district.You'll get profiles of programs such as:
  • Inspire Families with a 'Reading Road Race'
  • Mobile Parent Resource Center Reaches All
  • Create Student Journalists
  • Reading Baskets Promote Parent Involvement and
  • Read Together ... just to name a few!
50 copies of one of our best-selling booklets, 25 Ways Parents Can Read With Children. (A $59 dollar value!) Give them to parents as a take-home companion to reinforce what they have learned. Click on the cover to the right to read about this booklet, or to purchase more copies at cost-saving quantity discounts!

All in a Colorful Organized Storage Binder—Hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!




Order the English kit for the low price of only $349!
Add the Spanish Supplement and pay only $419 for both versions!

—You'll receive the entire English kit, PLUS Spanish versions of the DVD, CD-ROM, the booklet,handout masters, reproducible workshop materials and appropriate leader's materials.


For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W16253