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Student Tips—

Study Skills #1 Series - Super Saver 100 Set

(Display rack sold separately.)

Receive 100 printed copies of each of the six Student Tips in the Study Skills #1 set. Have them available to provide support for your students as they work to become more organized and efficient in their learning. (Also available in 50 and 500 brochure sets.)

Titles include:

  • How to Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork - being unorganized has an obvious negative effect on students' grades. This Student Tip details practical ideas students can use to get themselves organized for schoolwork and homework.
  • How to Remember What You've Learned - many of the brightest minds in history have used clever ways to recall information they needed to learn. With this Student Tip, useful techniques like theirs can now be used by students in your school!
  • How to Make the Most of the Way You Learn - this Student Tip provides strategies students can apply to their study habits in order to learn best using their own learning styles.
  • How to Take Good Notes - outlines simple, straightforward ways to take effective notes—information that students might never learn on their own.
  • How to Tackle Large Assignments - provides practical, easy-to-follow steps for breaking any large assignment into logical smaller steps.
  • Success Takes More Than Just Being Smart - reviews what research has found about being "smart" and the qualities needed for success — like hard work, persistence and the ability to work well with others.
600 brochures total.

Now $209!



Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
7001 Study Skills #1 Series - Super Saver 100 Set English
8001 Study Skills #1 Series - Super Saver 100 Set Spanish
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