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Combination Super Saver Sets—

Parenting Series — 6 DVDs + 50 Booklets

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Receive one copy of each of the 6 Parenting Series DVDs & 50 copies of each of the six coordinating booklets. (Also available in 100 and 500 booklet sets.)

Each of the videos comes with its own Discussion Guide to help you plan your presentation to parents. It explains the best ways to present the videos and summarizes the information found in each. It suggests questions that should be raised, and provides suggestions for getting parents involved in discussing each topic. Ideas are also included for helping parents implement the parenting information they have learned and make a commitment to help their children when they go home.

Titles include:

25 Ways Parents Can...

  • Build Children's Self-Esteem - researchers know that self-esteem is an important ingredient in school success. With confidence that they really matter and are important, children can focus on their studies and do better in school.
  • Build Responsibility in Children - this booklet helps parents understand why a good sense of responsibility is critical and how they can help children gain the self-discipline needed to tackle any subject, activity, job or skill efficiently and effectively.
  • Read with Children - suggests ways parents can help their children establish good reading habits, learn to love reading, and give them the vital reading foundation that is needed for success in school and in life.
  • Talk & Listen to Children - gives busy parents many simple things they can do everyday to help keep the lines of communication open to make a positive difference. It helps parents understand how talking and listening to children, and spending time with them, are essential ways they can show love for children, build their self-worth, and help children do better in school.
  • Motivate Children - provides ideas for parents to motivate their children, including emphasizing success vs. failure, breaking down assignments into smaller manageable parts, and verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Help Children Learn - this booklet reinforces the idea that when children have a supportive environment at home, they will do better in school—mastering a variety of skills—from academic to social.
300 booklets total. DVD run time: 11 minutes each.

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Item #TitleLanguageQuantity
390CD Parenting Series — 6 DVDs + 50 Booklets English
390CDS Parenting Series — 6 DVDs + 50 Booklets Spanish
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