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Helping Children Learn and Helping Students Learn

Electronic Newsletters Now ADA Compliant!

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Do you know how to...

...get all your families—even the busy, hard-to-reach ones—engaged in helping their children learn? Now it's easy with

Effective, Affordable, Print and Electronic, Personalized Family Engagement Newsletters!

Helping Children Learn
and Helping Students Learn are two-page, single-sheet, easy-to-read family newsletters from The Parent Institute—your meaningful and effortless way to enlist families to help their children succeed in school! Published in four age-specific versions—Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School and High School—in English & Spanish, these newsletters offer evidence-based solutions tailored to the parents of your students! Don't miss these topics in upcoming issues:

  • Setting high—yet realistic—expectations for their children.
  • The importance of home and school teamwork.
  • Building responsibility in their children.
  • Teaching respect for rules, authority and other people.
  • Instilling the importance of education and a strong work ethic.
  • Helping their children build strong values and character.
  • The importance of regular school attendance.
  • The influence families have on their children's school success.
  • Early childhood education—things parents can do at home before their children ever start school.
  • The importance of a structured, stable home life.
  • Helping their children learn and bounce back from mistakes.
  • Reinforcing academic and homework skills.
  • Ways to encourage and help with reading.
  • Ways to build children's problem-solving skills.
  • The value of coming to the school for conferences, events and volunteering.
  • Ways to promote and help with math and science.
  • Firm, fair and consistent discipline at home, and more!


Click on any of the images below to see a full-color sample of that newsletter edition.

Whichever version(s) you choose, you'll know that it is written with today's fast-paced parents in mind. Every monthly issue (September-May) is packed with proven, ready-to-use school success ideas—the kind of advice you'd give families if you could speak with each one personally.

You'll get both a full-color digital version for your website and a black and white copier-ready print version for one low price!

As a Helping Children Learn and/or
Helping Students Learn subscriber you have options!

  • Provide your email address and we will email your newsletter(s) to you automatically each month!
  • Download your personalized Helping Children/Students Learn newsletter(s) yourself from our website instantly upon publication—in full color! You can email the newsletter to parents, and/or post it on your school's website. By eliminating all the costs of print reproduction—paper, toner, printing, postage—your school saves a bundle.
  • Or, even better, have your newsletter automatically posted on your website each month (after a one-time, free, set up by you or your webmaster) by taking advantage of our Automatic Download option!

Electronic Newsletter Delivery...makes it fast, easy, inexpensive!

Plus, you can copy the black & white masters we will mail you and send copies home.

Take advantage of these options at any time during your subscription. They're all available to you at no extra cost.


And that's not all...

When you subscribe you'll receive a special bonus for your families, packed with age-appropriate ideas and activities. More information on this bonus.

PLUS—you can't lose! With our guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with Helping Children Learn or Helping Students Learn, you'll get all of your money back.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W53686