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Hazing Prevention Starts Now:
Engaging Staff, Students and Parents in Building a Positive School Culture

Our newest kit!

Hazing Prevention Starts Now:

Engaging Staff, Students and Parents in Building a Positive School Culture

Reports of hazing practices in middle and high schools have risen to alarming levels. But there are effective ways schools can ensure safety and provide a positive school culture.

This kit has everything you need!

Studies have shown that 47% of high school students in the United States have experienced some form of hazing in school clubs and groups and on athletic teams. Experts agree that secondary students are especially prone to hazing behaviors because they are highly susceptible to peer pressure. Hazing can damage the reputation of schools, leaders and students—and cause irreparable harm.

hazing prevention kit

The prevalence of hazing in middle and high schools is of great concern to educators. However, school administrators often struggle to address the crisis. Like bullying, hazing practices are detrimental to academic achievement. Yet there are significant differences between bullying and hazing—and different approaches to effectively preventing them—that school leaders must understand. That's why The Parent Institute has partnered with the national organization HazingPrevention.Org to develop educational hazing prevention materials for middle and high schools.


We know that to prevent hazing in K-12 schools, all stakeholders must be involved—school staff, students, parents and the community. Our comprehensive resource kit, Hazing Prevention Starts Now: Engaging Staff, Students and Parents in Building a Positive School Culture will help your school establish or enhance its hazing prevention efforts.

Available in English and Spanish, the kit is appropriate for middle and high schools and contains these helpful components:


  • A CD containing three PowerPoint® presentations—one for school staff, one for students and one for parents. The presentations come with scripts to help you present the information; Leader's Guides to help you conduct successful meetings; advertising/planning tools such as press releases, invitations and posters; and the kit's printable materials including parent letters, educational handouts, surveys, and more!
  • Over 150 pages of resources and action plans to help your staff, parents, students and community better understand what hazing is, how it affects student achievement and what can be done to make a difference.
    • Resources for engaging staff. Materials to help your staff learn the warning signs, create a Hazing Prevention Leadership Team, develop a hazing prevention contract, conduct surveys, establish/update your hazing prevention policy and procedures, publicize your efforts and much more!
    • Resources for engaging parents. Includes a letter to parents, meeting invitation, hazing prevention contract, tips for addressing language barriers, educational handouts to keep parents informed and more!
    • Resources for engaging students. Tools and tips to empower students to prevent hazing, strategies for creating a student advisory group, establishing an anonymous hazing reporting system, motivating bystanders to act, using contests to motivate students, involving students in creating a code of conduct, building hazing prevention into the curriculum and more!

  • All in an organized storage binder — Hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!


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You'll receive the entire English kit, PLUS Spanish versions of the CD, handout masters, reproducible materials and appropriate leader's materials.
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