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Firm, Fair & Consistent: Guiding Students for School Success


The news letter Firm, Fair, & Consistent was discontinued in late 2015 and is no longer available for sale as a subscription.

However, its contents have been merged into Helping Children Learn and Helping Students Learn.

If you'd like, please call us toll-free at 1-800-756-5525 and our customer service representative can help you locate a corresponding product containing the information you're looking for.

With Firm, Fair & Consistent, You Can
Help Parents Improve Student
Behavior and Achievement!

Research proves that student behavior is a greater predictor of academic performance than IQ.*

Although it is nice to have this fact confirmed, educators didn’t need a study to tell them that good behavior is correlated with high achievement. Our own experience tells us that in most cases, the most successful students are also the best-behaved students. They stay out of trouble, attend to what is important, acquire the study skills needed to get their schoolwork and homework done, have the perseverance to see a project to the end and have the desire to succeed. Most also have parents who have instinctively instilled those traits in their children.

Now, you can make sure all of your parents understand how to foster good behavior and habits in their children. Firm, Fair & Consistent: Parents Guiding Students for School Success is a research-based, personalized, discipline newsletter schools can give to parents to help them develop respectful, responsible, well-mannered and focused children. It’s written in a non-threatening, helpful manner so parents will not feel intimidated or get the wrong impression that "the school is telling me how to discipline my child."

Even if you already provide other parenting information to parents, this is an important newsletter to add to your parent engagement toolbox. Giving Firm, Fair & Consistent to parents sends the strong and important message that discipline matters in your school. Parents will be reminded that well-disciplined students lead to learning-filled classrooms—and discipline is best taught at home. It’s appropriate for parents of the most ill-mannered children, parents who just need friendly reminders and parents already doing a good job to help them stay on track.

It can serve as a good behavior road map to ensure that you have a school full of students who exhibit behavior that will help them improve their achievement and provide a more studious atmosphere for your teachers' classrooms.

Don’t miss these upcoming topics in Firm, Fair & Consistent:

  • Building Respect for Rules, Authority and Other People
  • Helping Children Learn That All Actions Have Consequences
  • Developing Good Character Traits
  • Teaching Responsibility for Learning and Behavior
  • Why Supporting the School Discipline Policy is Important
  • Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflicts and Prevent Violence
  • How Parents Can Emphasize the Importance of a Strong Work Ethic
  • Spending Time with Children is Vital to School Success
  • Communicating Expectations Improves Behavior and School Success
  • Raising Motivated, Self-Disciplined Children
  • Managing Bad Behavior
  • How Parents Can Promote Regular School Attendance
  • Monitoring TV, Video Game, Computer and Internet Time
  • The Important Influence of Home on School Success, and More!




You'll get both a full color website version and a black and white copier-ready version for one low price!

With your subscription to Firm, Fair & Consistent you can make an unlimited number of copies of the newsletter(s) at your school building or district. PLUS post a FULL-COLOR version on your website! Firm, Fair & Consistent is published monthly, nine times a year (September-May) in both English and Spanish. Start your subscription in any month and receive a full nine issues beginning with that month.

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  • Provide your email address and we will email your personalized Firm, Fair & Consistent newsletter(s) to you automatically each month! You can email the newsletter to parents, and/or post it on your school's website. By eliminating all the costs of print reproduction—paper, toner, printing, postage—your school saves a bundle.
  • You can also choose to download your personalized newsletter(s) yourself from our website instantly upon publication—in full color!
  • Or, even better, have your newsletter automatically posted on your website each month (after a one-time, free, set up by you or your webmaster) by taking advantage of our Automatic Download option!

If you choose to also give parents their own printed copy of the newsletter, schools find that the black & white option works best to save money. We will mail you black & white masters each month, or you can also download them from our website.

You'll get all of these delivery methods FREE with your subscription! Even if you're not yet ready to take advantage of all of these options, you always have the right to do so whenever you wish.




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We'll even add your name and the name of your school, FREE of charge! We do all the work but parents give your school all the credit for the helpful discipline and achievement ideas.





And that's not all...

When you subscribe you'll receive two free bonuses—

  • Six Guiding Ideas handouts for parents in English and/or Spanish, matching the language of your subscription(s), and
  • The "Discipline Partnership Planner"-a comprehensive, month-by-month guide for you.




    PLUS—you can't lose! With our guarantee, If you are not completely satisfied with Firm, Fair & Consistent, you'll get all of your money back.

    *Duckworth, Angela L., Seligman, Martin E.P., (2005) Self-Discipline Outdoes IQ in Predicting Academic Performance of Adolescents. Psychological Science, 16 (12), 939-944(6).
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