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eTips™: Daily Parent Engagement Messages


Schools can dramatically improve parent and family involvement simply by using the the social media parents and families are already using!

SIPAward 2107 Winner
Use eTips: Daily Parent Engagement Messages on your website, mobile apps, Facebook page, Twitter, parent portals, text and voice messaging, and more!*

Schools are finding that social media, text and voice messaging are reaching many parents – especially those who may not check your website everyday or use cell/smart phones exclusively for their communication. School leaders want to find a way to reach these new “mobile” parents in ways that are easy, effective and economical. But you, and other educators, are busy. There's little time to create and execute a mobile/social media plan.

We’ve done the work for you!
Get parents on your team to improve student achievement by communicating information using a variety of channels and devices. The eTips: Daily Parent Engagement Messages gives you helpful information to "push" to parents who may not check your website.

  • Easy to use! You'll receive a weekly email containing seven tips and links to use the next week—each ready to copy and paste or customize as you'd like.
  • 365 professionally‐written tips per year designed to boost student achievement, reading, math, respect, resilience, responsibility, organization and motivation, support your Common Core goals and more!
  • Ideal length for use on social media and mobile apps.
  • Each Daily Tip comes to you in the perfect length! Short enough for voice/text messaging, parent portals, and social media like Facebook but long enough to provide a powerful, effective message that parents have time to read.
  • Each tip comes with a Twitter headline and link should you want to Tweet an idea.
  • Provides school success messages for texting hard-to-reach parents via cell/smart phones.
  • Written from a school leader's point-of-view. It's what YOU would tell parents if you could speak to each one of them personally!
  • It's from The Parent Institute, your trusted partner in improving student achievement, and parent and family engagement for 25 years!

Click here to see how actual schools are using eTips!

Watch video tutorials on how to easily upload eTips messages:

Interested in scheduling your posts in advance? Watch the tutorial on how to schedule your eTips one week in advance!

Watch 1-minute “How to” tutorials for using eTips: Daily Parent Engagement Messages:

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*If you are currently a subscriber to our School Success Web Content Service, you are already receiving the eTips: Daily Parent Engagement Messages service.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W81400