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1G04EB Developmental Milestones for Preschool Children English Change Subscription $ 53.00
1G05EB Preparing Your Child for Reading Success—Birth to Age Five English Change Subscription $ 53.00
1G09EB Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten English Change Subscription $ 53.00
214D Remember…You Are the Adult and You Are in Charge! DVD English $ 83.00
306A 25 Ways Parents Can Help Children Learn Booklet English $ 42.00
308A Building Reading Skills– A Blueprint for Parents English $ 42.00
311A Off to a Good Start! Ways Parents Can Help Children Get Ready To Begin School English $ 42.00
338A Remember…You Are the Adult and You Are in Charge! Booklet English $ 42.00
351A Getting Ready for Reading English $ 42.00
352A Developing Social Skills English $ 25.20
354A Building Discipline and Responsibility English $ 25.20
356A Getting Ready for Math English $ 42.00
357A Spend Time With Children English $ 42.00
362A Teach Children Basic Values English $ 16.80
SUBTOTAL:$ 603.20
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TOTAL:$ 603.20
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