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Building Readers

3 BONUSES—Just for subscribing!

Pass them on to parents and watch young readers flourish!

Reading Extras

The six reproducible Reading Extras are just the right tool when you need an extra push to get parents involved. Hand them out at parent-teacher conferences, workshops and other special events. Use them as report card stuffers or then your reading program needs an extra boost.

With your Elementary Edition newsletter you'll receive Reading Extras on topics such as:

  • Encourage your child to read by making reading enjoyable
  • Turn family read-aloud time into a mystery drama
  • Reading aloud to your child makes a better reader
  • Spread reading materials around your home
  • Learning isn’t done when you finish the book!
  • Encourage your child to develop writing skills



Reading Readiness subscribers will receive Reading Extras on topics such as:


  • Make sure reading is playful and fun for your child
  • It just takes 15 minutes to boost reading readiness skills
  • Build comprehension skills by encouraging participation
  • Encourage language skill development
  • Make the most out of family library visits
  • Boost your child’s thinking skills with questions

Certificate of Reading Excellence

Parents and students will love the recognition this certificate provides! Build a fun and successful promotion for your reading program at your school around these motivational certificates that are suitable for framing.

Building Readers Book List:

The annual Building Readers Book List is full of recommended reading for elementary school children (or for preschool children, depending upon the newsletter edition you receive). The list provides parents with an excellent source of titles so they feel confident that the books they are reading at home with their children are on target and effective. It's reproducible, so make sure all of your parents have a copy.

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